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Established by Christian and Julia Shehadey, our coffee roastery's mission is to honor Christ in all things. We take joy in sharing our specialty coffee with customers, vendors, and businesses through our made to order coffee.


Coffee at Your Doorstep

We aim to deliver the finest, made-to-order coffee right to your doorstep. We're dedicated to preserving the utmost freshness in every cup, and with our convenient monthly coffee subscription, you can enjoy your favorite brews at a 20% discount. Savor the perfect cup of coffee without leaving home, courtesy of Honey + Moon Coffee Roasters.


Business Subscriptions

Our roasting process brings the specialty coffee experience to your workplace. Our made-to-order, freshly roasted coffee is delivered right to your office door, ensuring every sip is perfection. With our business subscription, you'll enjoy exclusive special offers and rates tailored to keep your team fueled and productive use code BUSINESS10. 


Supplier to Vendor

Honey + Moon Coffee Roasters is your trusted partner for coffee supply. We're here to meet the unique needs of your business with our competitively priced wholesale offerings. Unlike larger coffee suppliers, we provide personalized solutions to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us at for more information and discover how we can tailor our coffee to elevate your vendor experience.

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